1. 1 What are Landing Pages?

    Small, one page web sites. Typically used to interact with clients or prospects. AWebVoice hosts these pages so once designed they are immediately available. Our Landing Pages are available for Facebook and as PURL (Personal URLs).

  2. 2 What we do for you

    Let's face it, most of us are not web page designers. But we want results and fast. AWebVoice provides Landing Page templates that can be easily customized to fit any need. And we make the Landing Pages instantly available -- no web site required!

  3. 3 Step 1 - Choose where to present your Landing Page

    Our Landing Pages are available for Facebook and as PURL (Personal URLs). That is right, if you have a Facebook page, and what to add a iframe page tab no problem. Need a url to send out in an email, choose our Personal URLs -- your personal branded web page.

  4. 4 Step 2 - Choose a template

    Name and create and a PURL or FB Iframe Page. Choose edit page and then choose a template and to get started. If you change your mind, no problem. Either load a new template or save your work and create a new page. No limit to the number of pages you can create.

  5. 5 Step 3 - You are almost done!

    If your build a PURL Landing Page, you are done! The page is ready and the url (link to the page) is given to you. If you are building a Facebook page, you still need to install our Facebook application. The application can be found here. Basically we just need your permission to present the page.

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