I've strarted using AWebVoice while developing Oslo and it's been an invaluable marketing resource. Rather than waiting to develop a customer list I started capturing potential customers who wanted to track our development efforts. We were able to stay in constant contact with all our potential customers. We had the most successful new product release in our companies history. We guided potential comstomer to our community so now we have a superb resource of comments, bug tracking and new feature requests.
Romeo MollierOlso Technology
We started an internet company and were totally overwhelmed with administrative tasks. As we implemented AWebVoice and it has become invaluable. We build a FB Tab Page with very little effort on our part. We are instantly communicating with our customers. We even included a contact form for faster customer service. . The Canvas editor they provide great and we couldn't build pages without it.
Armando Paz Your Wedding
Steve Sadler uses AWebVoice. We find that it works really well to address our sales and customer service needs. AWebVoice is perfect for quickly building a landing page when we have a special promotions. This is one our best sales tools for moving leads to customers.

AWebVoice nails it.
Steve Sadler Steve Sadler
... People are often amazed at how well we stay in contact. I think it helps them to feel they're important and we are listening to them..
Mike Crebway GoodBusiness.com
automatically combining a Laning Page Solution and a world class email marketing system is simply awesome. Our customers have been loving it, and it really helps build recognition with the search engines --- while keeping costs down!.
Zach Little zachdesigns.com

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